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Hair of any texture can develop frizz. While the cortex and cuticles of curly and wavy hair make frizz more likely, damage can also cause hair that is not naturally frizz-prone to form pesky flyaways or puff up in humid weather. Learn more about why hair develops frizz and how to manage this condition. The best anti-frizz hair care routine and frizzy hair products address the underlying causes of frizz for immediate and lasting definition, shape and sleekness.

Protect Your Hair (It Will Love You For It)

Protect Your Hair image

Using heat tools at high temperatures without first applying products to protect your hair can cause lasting damage. Direct exposure to high heat can damage the hair shaft and have visible effects on the structure and texture of strands. Use any of these six products or similar formulas to reap the rewards of taking the [Read More…]

Leave-In Conditioner, What Your Hair’s Been Missing

Leave-In Conditioner, What Your Hair's Been Missing

When you want to project the image of good well-being, shiny, healthy locks are a must-have. However, things like sun, chlorine and too much shampooing sometimes stress your tresses. This damage can be repaired once you familiarize yourself with when to use leave in conditioner.

Choosing the Best Hair Oil

Choosing the Best Hair Oil

No matter what your hair type is, there is an oil that can give those beautiful locks life – or just the shine you’ve always hoped for from your hair care products. All you need to do is understand what to look for in a hair product for the best results. Whether your hair is thick or thin, straight or curly, these are the qualifiers to look for when shopping for your new hair oil.