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Your beautiful, wavy hair is unique in texture and behavior. It also has different nutritional needs than other hair types. To make the most of your natural hair, you need to be able to get just the right amount of volume and control without having to reset your hair throughout the day, which is what wavy hair products are built to support.

Choosing the Right Wavy Hair Products for a Sleek Look

Wavy Hair Products for a Sleek Look

If you have wavy hair, you need the right combination of wavy hair products to help add definition and shine while controlling frizz. It’s also important to remember that certain drying and styling techniques work best with a specific type of product or ingredient. To help you give your wavy hair that sleek and stunning [Read More…]

Choosing the Best Wavy Hair Products for Your Hair

The Best Wavy Hair Products for Your Hair image

If you’ve been blessed with wavy hair, it can be challenging to find the right products, tools and techniques to add definition and shine to your waves. When shopping for the best wavy hair products, you’ll want to search for items that won’t weigh your hair down while still providing the right amount of moisture [Read More…]

Curly Hair Solutions

Curly Hair Solutions

All curly hair is unique, making it challenging to find the perfect hair care routine. There a few steps every curly hair routine should have – a wide tooth comb, the curly cocktail that supports your texture, and a hair tie to pineapple your tresses at night. Here are a few of our favorite products that might change the curly hair game forever.

How to Care for Your Wavy Hair

How to Care for Your Wavy Hair

Shampoo obviously isn’t the only product you’ll need in your wavy hair care routine, but it certainly sets the tone. Here’s what to look for in a wave friendly shampoo to contour, protect and hydrate your hair.