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Braided Hairstyles To Keep You Cool All Summer

Romantic lady braided hair in wreath of apple trees

Summertime is the favorite season for many due to long and lazy days, cute outfits and braided hairstyles, extended sunshine and lots of outdoor activities. However, it also can bring the extreme heat and often humidity that wreaks havoc on your hair. When you have long hair, summer can be the most frustrating time of [Read More…]

5 Simple Long Hairstyles

Portrait of woman with beautiful long hair.

If you feel like you have been wearing your long hair the same way for way too long, do not fret. Our 5 simple long hairstyles can bring new life to your hair in five minutes. The Va-Voom Pony – Simple Long Hairstyle That Adds Volume When you want to elevate your everyday ponytail to [Read More…]

Scalp Care – Start At The Root

beautiful woman massaging her head

Healthy and happy hair starts at the root which means the way you care for your scalp matters. Here is how scalp care supports the health of your hair. Scrub the Scalp When we are thinking about the best steps for hair care, we often give little thought to scalp care. However, when you stop [Read More…]

How To Blow Dry Hair – Blow Drying 101

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A good blow-out cuts down on frizz, adds volume and gives a polished look. However, many people do not know how to blow dry hair themselves and do not necessarily have the time or the money to constantly go to the salon for a professional job. Have you been blow drying your hair wrong all [Read More…]

How to Choose Blush – Blush 101

Close up photo of uncertain unsure girl hesitate hold blush blusher

Blush seals the deal but not all blush is created equal. You have to consider the formula, your complexion, and your features. When considering how to choose blush that’s perfect for you we want to give you the key things to consider when choosing the color perfect for your complexion and skin type. Hone in [Read More…]

Filling Your Brows Like a Pro

Filling Your Brows Like a Pro

Brows bring a polished look to your glamorous or natural makeup look. Here is how to fill your brows like a boss. Start With Your Canvas Before you fill in your brows, you need to make sure that they are well groomed. While you do not want them to be too thin (severe) or two [Read More…]

Products to Fight Frizz

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When asked to describe your dream hair, some of us would say wavy, others straight, and still others would choose curly. However, there is probably no one who would say they want frizzy hair! The truth is that many of us are prone to frizz. Here’s how to kick frizzy tresses to the curb. Fight [Read More…]

Making Your Own BB Cream

Girl doing make-up

You don’t have to purchase an expensive BB cream. By mixing your foundation and your favorite moisturizer you will have created your very own BB cream. Don’t forget to tone, protect and finish. Here’s how to make your own BB cream. Why We Love BB Creams BB creams are great. They moisturize and hydrate while [Read More…]

Defending Your Skin From Blue Lights

We are constantly exposed to blue lights– our phones, televisions, computers and any other screens we are spending time with. Unfortunately, blue lights may be penetrating more deeply than UV rays. Here is how to protect your skin from damage caused by blue lights. Be Aware of Blue Lights When you hear about the way [Read More…]

40 and Under Skin Care

Skin care for your 50s starts in your 20s. Your skin care routine before 40 is a vital part of you looking your best. Here’s how to have your best-looking skin as you journey into your 50s. Remove the Impurities The first step in terms of skin care that you should take each night before [Read More…]