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Fine hair, though not uncommon, can pose a few problems for those who have it. For instance, hair that lacks volume can be difficult to style, becoming greasy and flat once products are applied.

How to Style Fine Limp Hair

How to Style Fine Limp Hair image

It’s no secret that limp hair can take some serious skills to hold a style. Unless you want a smooth ponytail, you may find that your styling efforts, well, fall flat. Once you know some tips and tricks to manage your fine limp hair, you may even impress yourself with your styling skills. Here’s everything [Read More…]

Best Hair Care Routine For Fine Hair

Fine Hair Care

Fine hair gets a bad rap, but that’s because it’s often confused with thin hair. “Fine” describes the width of strands while “thin” describes the density — so you can have fine, thick locks. That said, people do have specific worries when their hair is fine. For example, fine strands get oily faster than coarse [Read More…]

Choosing the Best Fine Hair Products for a Voluminous Look

The Best Fine Hair Products for a Voluminous Look

For some women, thin, fine hair can seem like a curse. If you have this specific hair type, you likely deal with flat, dull or oily-looking strands on a regular basis. Fortunately, with the right fine hair products, you can enjoy luscious volume, healthy shine and stronger strands for a stunning look. How to Select [Read More…]

How To Get Rid of Greasy Hair

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If you have fine hair, you’ve probably noticed its tendency to get oily. You may even be wondering how to get rid of greasy hair. Fortunately, you can prevent excess oil by understanding what creates it in the first place. Once you know the important role oil plays in keeping your scalp and hair healthy, [Read More…]

Straight Hair 101

Straight Hair 101

Of all hair types, straight hair may be one of the most coveted. Those who don’t have it may spend time and effort trying to achieve it. Those with naturally straight hair, however, have to know how to treat it properly to get the most out of it.