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Hair that looks healthy has brilliance, shine and luster. Dull hair lacks all of these traits, and may instead appear and feel frizzy, rough or weighed down. When hair with a coarse texture becomes dull, it may also be dry and difficult to manage.

Best Tips for Improving Dull Hair Color

Tips for Improving Dull Hair Color

When you look in the mirror, do you see dull or faded hair? Dull hair color can give you an unsightly appearance but it can also be a sign of serious damage or weakness. What Causes Dull Hair Color? There are numerous reasons you could be experiencing hair that looks drab, limp or lifeless. It’s [Read More…]

How to Use Purple Shampoo For Blond Hair (Even If Your Hair Color Isn’t Blonde)

How to Use Purple Shampoo image

Have you been curious about purple shampoo for blonde hair, but you are not quite sure how to use it or what it can do? Purple shampoo is not a salon treatment that requires an appointment with a stylist, but rather, it is a product you can use at home when your hair color needs [Read More…]

Keeping Your Hair Color Vibrant

Keeping Your Hair Color Vibrant

Getting your hair freshly cut and colored can make you feel like a million bucks. You probably look forward to that fresh color for weeks. But when you leave your stylist’s chair, it’s up to you to keep your hair healthy and your new beautiful color looking vibrant. Here are some tried and true tips to do just that.