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Curly hair has a reputation for being challenging to care for and style. Every head of naturally curly hair has a unique pattern, depending on the shape of the cortex and bonds between hair proteins. Learn more about the characteristics of Type Three hair along with tips and tricks for how to care for natural curls, bring out the curl in waves or transform straight strands into curls with hair products for curly hair. Discover ways to keep hair of any texture healthy while wearing beautiful, frizz-free curls.

The Greatest Curly Hair Care Routine You’ll Ever Need

Curly Hair Care

Love it or hate it, your curly hair is a fact of life. The better you know how to care for it, the happier you can be with that crazy mop that seems to have a mind of its own. Instead of giving into your frustration by shaving your head, you should give this curly [Read More…]

Revealing the Best Curly Hair Care Secrets

The Best Curly Hair Care Secrets image

Waves, kinks, bumps, ringlets…these are all ways that people describe their curly hair. Whether your curls are loose and voluptuous or tight and coarse, you want yours to look their bounciest with the best curly hair care. The thing about curly hair is that is that it can go from fabulous to frizzy in a [Read More…]

Curly Hair Solutions

Curly Hair Solutions

All curly hair is unique, making it challenging to find the perfect hair care routine. There a few steps every curly hair routine should have – a wide tooth comb, the curly cocktail that supports your texture, and a hair tie to pineapple your tresses at night. Here are a few of our favorite products that might change the curly hair game forever.