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Learn about dry, dehydrated skin, and how best to treat it from the experts at LaLa Daisy. Learn about the environmental causes as well as other causes of dry skin and how to treat it using the latest products and skin care routines designed for dry skin conditions. Get information about hydrating anti-aging serums and how stem cell products can help. Stay up to date about the latest tips, products, and treatments at the LaLa Daisy Beauty Blog.

The Top 4 Moisturizers for Sensitive Skin

The Top 4 Moisturizers for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is prone to become dry and dehydrated. When the barrier function of skin has been undermined, hydration levels plummet and skin becomes more prone to irritation. Environmental, product-related, and genetic factors can cause or increase skin sensitivity. Here are four of the best moisturizers for sensitive skin that deliver an immediate dose of [Read More…]

The Best Routine to Improve Skin Hydration

The Best Routine to Improve Skin Hydration image

When it comes to your complexion, dry skin can be a huge problem. Not only is it uncomfortable and irritating but it can also be unsightly and lead to premature signs of aging. Following the best routine to improve skin hydration can help you achieve and maintain gorgeous, dewy skin that’s moisturized and well-balanced for [Read More…]

The Benefits of Hydrating Skin vs Moisturizing

The Benefits of Hydrating Skin vs Moisturizing

The words “hydration” and “moisturization” are often used interchangeably, but these terms have different meanings. The easiest way to understand the difference between hydrating skin vs moisturizing is that hydration refers to water levels within skin cells. Moisturization primarily involves oil levels, which form a lipid barrier that seals in water. Find out more about [Read More…]

What Is the Best Moisturizer for Combination Skin?

the Best Moisturizer for Combination Skin. Portrait of Woman at Bathroom

Combination skin shares the needs of multiple skin types, such as dry and oily. Some combination skin may also be sensitive. The best moisturizer for combination skin works by balancing levels of hydration. Learn how to identify the unique needs of your combination skin and select the right daily and nightly moisturizer. Use A Gentle [Read More…]

Best Skincare Products For Psoriasis and How To Use Them

Face Care and Psoriasis

Psoriasis patients typically have symptoms that include thicker skin that has red or dry patches, especially in the T-zone. For this reason, it is important for them to stick to a skincare routine that uses the best skincare products for psoriasis. Psoriasis a medical condition that affects the skin when a person’s immune system mistakes [Read More…]

At-Home Cuticle Care: 3 Minutes to Flawless Cuticles

3 Minutes to Flawless Cuticles image

Are your hands dry, cracked or leathery? Have you noticed more hangnails or split cuticles lately? There are many reasons your hands and nails could use a little pick-me-up with some at home cuticle care. Understanding Damaged Cuticles Cold weather can do a number on your skin and your nails. Cold, dry air can be [Read More…]

The Best Anti Aging Skin Products for Your 30s

The Best Anti Aging Skin Products for Your 30s

When it comes to developing and practicing a complete skin care regimen, the best time to start is now if you haven’t already. It’s important to find the best anti aging skin products for your 30s and work them into a skincare routine to look your absolute best: Cleansing – Removes dirt, excess oil and [Read More…]

Need Daily Exfoliating? Why We Love Revision Exfoliating Facial Rinse

Why We Love Revision Exfoliating Facial Rinse

The Path To Youthful Skin – A Gentle Exfoliating Facial Rince As you go through your daily routine, dead skin cells, oils and impurities build up on your face causing it to appear dull and tired. If you use an exfoliating rinse, you understand the difference that a bottle of magic can make in your regular [Read More…]

Pumpkin Enzyme Power! Hydrating Exfoliating Face Masks Perfect for Fall

Hydrating Exfoliating Face Masks Perfect for Fall

Fall is the perfect time of year to think about adding hydrating exfoliating face masks to your skin care routine. Temperatures are beginning to drop and everything’s coming up pumpkins, fall’s favorite fruit. From coffee shop treats to holiday desserts to autumnal décor, this amazing squash takes center stage and we love to see it! [Read More…]

What Causes Dry Skin and What to do About It

What Causes Dry Skin

What Is Dry Skin? From time to time, most of us experience dull, flakey, irritated skin. You know, the kind that causes scaly, itchy, rash-like patches to appear on your face or your body. We ask ourselves, “What causes dry skin? How can I fix it?” Here are some insights into dry skin care and [Read More…]