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Freckles are a common condition that can accompany any skin type or tone. Flat brown, yellow, red or black circular spots may appear on the face, arms, shoulders or other areas frequently exposed to sunlight.

5 Tips for Freckles In Summer

5 Tips for Freckles In Summer image of young woman with freckles

Freckles are on trend in 2021. A quick scroll down social media shows influencers and ordinary users who are proudly displaying natural freckles or freckled looks. Many people develop freckles in summer due to genetics and sun exposure.  Though these spots are harmless, prolonged sun exposure without skin protection can raise the risk of more [Read More…]

Tips On How To Apply Makeup for Freckles

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If you have freckles on your face, you have probably considered using makeup for freckles to conceal or show off this unique aspect of your skin. The right products give you the choice to cover up or proudly display these harmless spots. Find out how to use makeup for freckles to minimize or hide the [Read More…]

Reasons to Love Vitamin C

Reasons to Love Vitamin C

We’ve all heard time and time again that we need to eat our vegetables and take our vitamins. One of those essential vitamins is Vitamin C. Some of us load up on Vitamin C when we are trying not to catch a cold, or when we are trying to boost our immune system. Did you know that vitamin C is actually an extremely important vitamin in your beauty health?

We Tested How to Draw Fake Freckles and This Is What We Learned

We Tested How to Draw Fake Freckles and This Is What We Learned

One of the latest beauty trends that is making its presence known on numerous YouTube tutorials is faux freckles. Designed to give your face a youthful appearance without exposing it to harsh UV rays that could damage your skin and cause premature aging, this look doesn’t have to be difficult to master.