Brighten Up Your Fall With This Skin Care Essential

Brighten Up Your Fall With This Skin Care Essential

The summer humidity is long gone, and cold, dry weather is on the way. While your hair may be thankful, your skin probably isn’t. Colder, dryer temperatures, when combined with the sun’s UV rays, can cause dry skin, discoloration and an overall feeling of discomfort. Luckily, you can add vitamin C skin serum to your daily skincare routine to brighten your complexion and feel more beautiful and radiant when you step outside each day. A great serum to use is Obagi System Professional-C 20% Vitamin C Serum.

Obagi Vitamin C Serum

About Vitamin C

L-ascorbic acid is the most common form of vitamin C used for skin because it is known to add firmness and create a more even complexion. This type of skin serum is best used in higher concentrations, which is why our company has products that contain at least 20 percent of the nutrient. Other forms of the vitamin, such as sodium ascorbyl phosphate or retinyl ascorbate, are also beneficial as powerful antioxidants that leave you looking and feeling younger and more confident in your appearance.

How It Will Help Your Skin

Vitamin C boosts collagen production, prevents signs of aging related to damage from free radicals, brightens dark spots and protects the skin from sun damage. Collagen is what creates the elasticity in your skin and boosting the production of it leads to a firmer, more even and more youthful looking complexion. The protection from UV radiation is also quite important since that radiation is what leads to hyperpigmentation of the skin and causes an uneven complexion.

Best Time of Day to Add It to Your Routine

Although you can add vitamin C to your skincare routine at any time of day, your skin will get the most from the product when you use it at the start of your day. Because the serum partially works by protecting your skin from UV rays and other outside pollutants, applying it in the morning adds a protective layer to your face, especially in combination with sunscreen, ensures its effectiveness. Of course, adding it in the evening is helpful too since science has proven that free radicals can continue to damage your skin while you’re sleeping. Derma E Even Tone Brightening Day Cream SPF 15 with Vitamin C is a great daytime cream for your skin.

Derma E Brightening Cream

How To Apply Products

When using skincare products, start with the thinnest consistency so that it has time to absorb into your skin. Apply your vitamin C serum after you’ve showered and when your skin is still slightly damp. Regardless of the products you use, wait for each one to dry completely before applying the next one. Use clean fingers to spread the product over your skin and remember that you only need to use a few tiny drops for effectiveness.

Interactions With Other Ingredients

While vitamin C skin serum works with most products, it doesn’t play well with every ingredient. Avoid using other acids when using vitamin C as they can cause your skin to become too dry and feel irritated. Read the ingredients in all your products and research them if needed to ensure each one interacts well with the next.

Potential Side Effects

Although it is rare, some people do have negative reactions to skincare products that use vitamin C. Use a small amount first to ensure your skin won’t become, dry, red or irritated. Some serums may also cause breakouts. If you have sensitive skin, opt for a product that uses magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, which is gentler on the skin.

Tips and Tricks To Get the Most Out of Your Product

Even if you don’t have sensitive skin, it’s best to start with a lower concentration and work your way up. Keep in mind that vitamin C does not create immediate results, so you will need to use it at least a few weeks before any noticeable benefits. For the best results, you should follow the application instructions exactly and remember to use the product every day.

It Must Be Packaged and Shipped Properly

Light and air are bad for antioxidants, which means you must pay special attention to how your vitamin C skincare products are packaged and shipped to you. Look for serums that are packaged in dark-colored bottles and shipped to you without exposure to outside elements. This will ensure the integrity of the product that you receive.

Storing Your Products

The way you store your skin serum after receiving it is also important. Avoid storing it on the counter where it may become exposed to direct sunlight or high-wattage bulbs, which can compromise the ingredients. Avoid purchasing large bottles, opting for small ones instead, which prevents too much of the product from being exposed to the air every time you open the bottle. Finally, avoid excessively hot temperatures. If your product begins to look discolored or take on an odor, discontinue use and purchase a new bottle.

Winter weather doesn’t need to leave your skin feeling dry or looking dull. All you need is the right vitamin C skincare serum to add to your morning routine. With regular and proper use, you’ll begin to see healthy, radiant skin in as little as three weeks. Learn even more about taking care of your skin and feeling healthier by talking to the experts at LaLa Daisy. We are always available to help you find the right products to meet your needs.

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