How to Style Fine Limp Hair

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It’s no secret that limp hair can take some serious skills to hold a style. Unless you want a smooth ponytail, you may find that your styling efforts, well, fall flat.

Once you know some tips and tricks to manage your fine limp hair, you may even impress yourself with your styling skills. Here’s everything you need to know about how to style your flat strands into luscious locks.

Why Is Your Hair Flat and Limp?

What is fine limp hair, anyway? Fine, flat, or limp hair can refer to either the density or the thickness, and it could be due to genetics, stress, diet, medication, aging, or over-styling and damage.

Flat, limp, and thin are used interchangeably to describe hair, but it could mean that each strand of hair is thin or that the amount of hair is less dense. It is possible to have coarse hair that is thin or fine hair that is thick, just as it is possible to have hair that is thin and curly or thick and straight. 

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The trick is to make the most of what you have with a better hair care routine and styling techniques. 

What Is the Best Shampoo for Fine Limp Hair?

Fine, limp hair tends to get weighed down easier, especially with the use of styling products or just from excess oil at the scalp. The best for fine limp hair is a volumizing shampoo because it can boost body while cleaning away dirt, oil, and buildup.

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Follow your shampoo with a lightweight volumizing conditioner, taking care to concentrate on the ends and middle of the strands while avoiding the scalp. A light conditioner can put moisture where your hair needs it most without making it flat.

About once a week or so, go for a clarifying shampoo to remove any buildup from styling products. If you use it too often, you run the risk of drying out your hair.

How Do Your Blow Dry Fine, Flat Hair?

Air drying can work wonders, but not everyone has the time to let nature take its course. Use a sea salt spray to add texture and create waves that work without heat styling.

When you do blow-dry, start with rough drying upside down until it’s mostly dry. Once you reach that point, then you can flip it back and smooth it out with a barrel brush.

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Which Products Work Best for Fine Limp Hair?

Any styling product that you use should boost volume and body. Look for labels that mention texturizing or formulated for fine or limp hair.

One product that can work wonders is mousse, so it’s time to give it another go. Mouse used to be stiff and crunchy, and people with fine limp hair avoided it like the plague. Today’s mousse is lightweight and touchable, giving volume at the roots where it needs it.

Texturizing products with fibers can make your hair look fuller and the strands thicker, making it easier to hold a curl and have bouncy body. They can also strengthen your style while adding nutrients that prevent breakage.

Whenever you use styling products like mousse or texturizing lotions or sprays, keep in mind that they may require heat to activate them. You may want to have some products for heat styling and others for air drying to keep your lock looking great any way you choose to go.

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What Other Tips Help Limp Hair?

Another product to add to your styling arsenal is dry shampoo. Dry shampoo makes a lot of sense if you think about it; it soaks up extra oil on your scalp and gives you another day of your blowout without drying out your ends.

Dry shampoo also works like a texturizing product by thickening and adding volume at the roots. Be sure to rub it into the scalp before brushing it through to avoid any residue.

Here’s another pro tip: get your hair highlighted. The coloring process can add texture and give you the illusion of thicker, fuller hair.

When it comes to the best hair care and styling products for your fine limp hair, LaLa Daisy has got your back.

Our collection of top brands at amazing prices can take your limp hair from vapid to va-va-voom. Stop by our Beauty Resource Center for even more limp hair care tips to learn to love your thin, flat, or limp hair. You can also read this article from WebMD on how to give your fine straight hair more body and volume