Finishing Your Look with Lip Gloss

Finishing Your Look with Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is a staple in everyone’s makeup collection. Matte lips came and went, but glossy lips are forever. There are a few different kinds of glosses that can take your lip game to the next level. Here are some of our favorite glosses that we know you will love too, and some tips on how to apply lip gloss.

Lip products, especially glosses, can come in many forms and even more color shades. Depending on the look you are trying to achieve, you might reach for a different gloss to work best with your other makeup. Here are some options to look for.

Stain and Gloss Combo

When you need long-lasting color, a stain can be a good option for your lips. Stains tend to be one of the longest-lasting color options out there. However, sometimes lip stains can feel dry on the lips and can be uncomfortable to wear for extended amounts of time. We found the perfect solution in a stain and gloss combo. Our favorite, Jane Iredale Lip Fixation Lip Stain/Gloss, works to give you the color you’re looking for along with the hydration and shine your lips need. The stain won’t smear so your color will stay in place for the long haul, and if you feel your lips getting dry, simple reapply the gloss as often as you’d like.

Nude Gloss

For a casual look or for the days when you are looking for a more subtle lip, a nude colored gloss can be a great way to give you a finished look without a lot of color. Gloss will help keep your lips hydrated throughout the day and keep them feeling soft and smooth, but it doesn’t have to be the center of attention when it comes to your makeup. In fact, a rule of thumb for your everyday makeup is to either choose a dramatic eye look or a more dramatic lip look. When you are focusing your makeup on the eyes and want to give the bright lips a day off, a gloss is perfect. Take a nude gloss and apply it to the bare lip to finish your look with a subtle lip gloss.

Are you wondering how to choose a nude shade? Nude gloss is all in the color. Look for a color that compliments your skin tone but isn’t too light or dark. When you are finding a nude gloss it’s also important to look for something without a lot of shimmer. One of our favorite Nude glosses is Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss in Nude. This gloss has hydrating ingredients that your lips will love, and also gives the perfect nude color.

Shimmer Gloss

When you are looking to add some shimmer either to your lips on their own, or over a lip stain, a shimmer gloss is a perfect addition. A shimmer lip gloss can really tie your look together, especially when you are dressing up or going out for the night. Adding a gloss with a little sparkle can give your lip color a whole new look. It can really jazz up the color and give you some extra glow.

One of our favorite shimmer glosses is Bobbi Brown Shimmer Gloss in Rose Sugar. This gloss is perfect for layering with other colors. The shade is very versatile so it will match many different hues of lipstick or lip stain, but is also pretty worn alone. You’ll also be thankful for the hydration this Bobbi Brown gloss will provide, with ingredients like avocado oil, and Vitamins C and E. These will keep the lips hydrated all day.

Versatile Gloss

It’s always important to have a few glosses in your stash that can go with many different colors and can also be layered to enhance stains or lipsticks. For these staple glosses, look for hues that will match a wide variety of clothing choices. A subtle pink is always a good option because your lips are already pink, and a gloss can just enhance and hydrate them.

These versatile colors are great for having in your purse or in your car so that you’re never left with dry or dull lips. One of our go-to glosses is Glo Skin Beauty Lip Gloss in Pink Blossom. This color is very neutral so it can be worn in many different situations or paired with other colors easily.

Where To Find The Best Lip Gloss

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