Firmer Skin, Right in Time for Warmer Weather

Firmer Skin, Right in Time for Warmer Weather

After a long winter in hiding, it’s no wonder your skin might need a little extra TLC in looking firm and swim suit ready for the summer. Getting your nutrition right and the exercise in is a great place to start and there are also some great skin care products that can help out.

Stay Hydrated and Nourished

A big piece of the puzzle to maintaining a youthful glow to your skin is to keep it healthy. This includes consuming foods that are full of vitamins and minerals that benefit your skin. Here are some foods that are helpful in firming and protecting your skin.

  • Fish, which contains Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Walnuts, a good source of essential fatty acids
  • Avocados, full of healthy fats and a good source of vitamin E
  • Broccoli, full of zinc, vitamin A, and vitamin C
  • Sweet Potatoes, which contain beta-carotene
  • Dark Chocolate, high in antioxidants

Keeping hydrated is also a really important factor in keeping your skin looking great. Keeping your skin cells hydrated will keep them healthy and looking younger. You should be drinking about half of your weight in water each day. Water is the most basic, and natural skin firmer!

Not all Skin Care Products are Created Equally

The best place to start is understanding what products actually do the job, and which ones don’t. A lot of products will make bold claims to be able to hide cellulite or softer areas, but knowing which ingredients are beneficial to your skin is the essential first step to choosing a product.

Ingredients to Look For

If you want to give your skin a boost and firm, lift, and hydrate your skin, you want to look for the right ingredients in any product you are looking for. Here are some of the best ingredients to keep in mind:

  • Retinol—smooths skin and improves discoloration as well as brightens the skin
  • Fermented Pumpkin Enzyme—improves skin’s hydration, minimizes the appearance of pores, reduces fine lines
  • Peptide Blend—hydrates, softens, and firms skin
  • Vitamin E—protects skin, improves hydration, and protects skin’s natural barrier
  • Watermelon rind and apple extracts—improves fine lines, reduces dry/flaky skin

Products that Make Skin Look and Feel Lifted


The best product you can use for firmer skin long-term is an excellent sunscreen. The American Cancer Society recommends making sure to apply sunscreen every 2 hours when in direct sun or after swimming or sweating.


Be sure to use a sunscreen that has protection of SPF 30 or higher. The number one reason believed world-wide for skin to lose its resilient flexibility is from sun damage, so making sure to protect your skin is the first step in achieving firm, beautiful skin.

Retinol Cream

A great retinol product helps your skin to regenerate cells more quickly, as if you were a younger version of yourself.

It takes time to notice the benefits of retinol cream, but after about 3 months of using a good product consistently, you’ll be able to notice some reduction in dark spots, wrinkles, and overall skin clarity. Consistency is key, continue to use your product to get the results you are hoping for.

Peptide Cream

The best way to naturally reduce signs of aging and keep your skin firm is to encourage your skin to produce collagen. Peptides are a great way to help with this. When you apply a natural peptide cream to the skin, it can increase your body’s collagen production.

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Daily Moisturizer

Moisturizer actually does more than you think it may do. It protects the skin and allows it to repair itself. There are specific ingredients that can be helpful to look for in your moisturizer like ceramides, essential fatty acids, and niacinamide—all of these can improve the skin’s moisture barrier.

Firming Eye Cream

The skin around your eyes is extremely thin and because of all the tiny muscles in that area of your face, it’s a lot more likely to be less firm and develop fine lines and wrinkles.

An eye cream applied once per day can help immensely with this. Make sure to look for collagen-building compounds to help reduce lines and thinning skin. Also, since this area of the face is so sensitive, it’s always best to choose a fragrance-free cream.

Take Care of Your Skin

Using the right products with the right ingredients is key to achieving firm, youthful skin. Find all the products you need to take good care of your skin at LaLa Daisy today!

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