Stem Cell Beauty Products? Meet IMAGE Skincare the MAX

Stem Cell Beauty Products

Finding the right products to use on your face can be trial and error. However, if you zero in on what goals you are trying to achieve it is easy to find a line that supports those aims. Here are the reasons why if you are looking to rejuvenate your skin we recommend products from IMAGE Skincare the MAX.

The MAX is a Plant-Based Stem Cell Beauty Product Line

We keep hearing more and more about the benefits of stem cells. Their antioxidant properties assist with skin turnover and help fight wrinkles at the same time. More mature faces as well as skin that has not yet started the aging process can see great results with the right products that specifically use these scientific developments.

Stem Cell Creme 1.7 oz the MAX product front view

Incorporating stem cells into beauty products is something that IMAGE Skincare the MAX excels at. Thanks to their clean, clinical skincare philosophy, a range of lines utilizing different ingredients was developed that have been proven to be beneficial to various conditions.

One of the top-selling products in the IMAGE Skincare the MAX line is the IMAGE Skincare the MAX™ Stem Cell Creme, which uses cells from alpine botanicals to:

  • Support collagen production
  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • Treat sun damage
  • Give a lifting effect
Stem Cell Facial Cleanser 4.0 oz tube front view

This luxurious cream deposits peptides while helping to tighten your skin. To reap the most from it, apply to your face, neck and décolleté each night after cleansing with an effective cleanser such as IMAGE Skincare the MAX™ Stem Cell Facial Cleanser.

IMAGE substituted the parabens, sulfates and acids found in so many other brands’ cleansers with their proprietary plant-based stem cell technology and created a creamy wash geared toward nourishing your skin. While older faces benefit greatly from it, this cleanser is suitable and beneficial for all skin types.

IMAGE the MAX Products Deliver Nutrition to Your Face

Just like your body requires good nutrition to feel right, your skin craves healthy nutrients to look its best. IMAGE Skincare the MAX™ Stem Cell Serum is a miracle worker when you are desperate to rejuvenate your face. Its multilayer technology stimulates collagen production which encourages cell turnover and helps you look younger.

The Max Stem Cell Serum 2 oz bottle with pump front view

They Cover All Parts of Your Face and Neck

IMAGE Skincare The MAX Stem Cell Neck Lift 6 oz product front view

When you are serious about your beauty routine, you want to be sure you are using the right product for each specific area. IMAGE Skincare the MAX™ Stem Cell Neck Lift targets the lines across your neck as well as that unwanted crepe-like skin by relying upon Vitamin E and green tea leaf extract to nourish and fortify your cells.

Its concentrated peptides strengthen neck skin prone to sagging while helping define the jawline. The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is greatly improved when you use it each morning and evening.

The delicate zone around the eye deserves a different strength product than you use on the rest of your face. IMAGE Skincare the MAX™ Stem Cell Eye Creme concentrates the plant stem cells into a potent blend that reduces visible signs of aging and soothes that tired skin. Targeting crow’s feet and dark circles, your eyes seem brighter and younger with regular application.

IMAGE Skincare The MAX Stem Cell Eye Creme 2 oz product front view

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