Makeup Palette Magic: Gorgeous Palettes for Eyes and Face to Transition From Summer to Fall

Makeup Palette Magic: Gorgeous Palettes for Eyes and Face to Transition From Summer to Fall

Each season shines with individual splendor, just as each woman radiates her own beauty. You can stay lovely year-round by choosing versatile colors and finishes that will help you transition flawlessly from summer’s bold brightness into autumn’s glorious richness and mystery.

 LaLa Daisy has a selection of gorgeous nudes, metallics and shimmering smokes in convenient palettes you can take everywhere. With an eyeshadow palette and a makeup palette, you have all the colors you need to look beautiful anytime, in any season, wherever you may be. These palettes are perfect companions that shift easily from summer to fall.

 Palettes Make Choosing Your Best Colors Easy

 The beauty of palettes rests in complementary colors that blend effortlessly for sophisticated effects. Of course, palettes are also portable, making them the perfect choice for when you are running errands, staying fresh at the office and for traveling.

 The shades in palette collections blend together perfectly, but you also want them to seamlessly merge with with your coloring. For eyeshadows, choose colors that set off your eyes. Delicious chocolaty shadows, for example, look striking with green eyes as well as brown ones. You also want to consider how shadows will look with your skin. However, with artful application, even pale-skinned beauties can enjoy beautiful smoky eyes.

 To achieve any lovely look, you should start with a flawless foundation. To achieve a natural look that is miles away from cakey, you need a quality contour palette that subtly shapes your face, giving it dimension. A winning trend now is multi-purpose makeup that does double and even triple duty in your beauty regimen, and some luscious palettes feature a collection of color-correcting stars that can help you achieve the complexion of your dreams at home or on the go.

The Balm offers several great eyeshadow palettes that are very popular. We recommend The Balm Nude Beach and The Balm Naughty Eye Shadow Palette.

 Classic Neutrals and Beautiful Bronzes

 You can’t go wrong with a collection of classic neutral eyeshadows. They look beautiful with blue eyes, and they can blend well with most skin tones. They enhance your features by highlighting and adding depth. Timeless neutrals span all seasons and are an elegant choice for any occasion.

 However, you may want to try something new. For transitioning from summer to autumn, consider a bronze palette. Metallics are a great way to shine during summer and maintain that glow into fall. Extremely versatile, they can be applied lightly for daytime and casual looks and more dramatically for an effect that’s perfect for evening.

 Eyebrows are Everything

 Of course you want a great complexion and stunning eyes, but don’t forget about that feature that frames your entire face. Take time to shape and touch up your eyebrows, and the stunning face staring back at you in the mirror may just surprise you. As makeup has evolved, the best eyebrow palette now is often a collection of multitaskers that work great for giving depth to eyes, for contouring and even for adding a pop of cheek color.

 Makeup palettes are wonderful ways to try out new colors, get a great makeup collection that travels with you and add gorgeous multitaskers to your makeup wardrobe. Check out LaLa Daisy’s selection of palettes that will take you beautifully from summer to fall and beyond.

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