Products To Match Your Ethos

Products To Match Your Ethos

There are numerous benefits to gain when you practice a vegan diet. You can lose weight more easily, lower your body’s blood sugar levels and lower your risk of developing certain cancers. It makes sense if you practice this diet, you would also want to follow a vegan skincare routine to ensure every part of your regimen is good for animals and good for your body.

You may also want to look into eco-friendly products that have a minimal impact on the environment, even when you wash it down the drain. Your ethos is an important component of who you are as an individual. Fortunately, LaLa Daisy makes it easy to find a wide array of products that help you live your life on your terms.

Reasons To Choose Vegan Products

Even if you do not practice a vegan diet, you should still look into purchasing vegan beauty products. For starters, they will often not contain any harmful chemicals. Instead, they rely more on vitamins and moisture, which are much better for your skin.

Vegan products will come with a guarantee that they were never tested on animals. You also have no idea how certain products are going to react with your skin. Rashes and allergies are a big concern. While you should test any product on your wrist before applying to your hair or face, you can have much more confidence when you deal with a vegan product.

There are certain ingredients you want to avoid at all costs when you apply anything to your body. One of these ingredients is lanolin, which comes from sheep wool. You will never find lanolin, as well as many other harmful substances, in vegan items.

If you suffer from dry skin, then you should absolutely use vegan products. They are much better for dry skin than other items because they typically contain a lot of water and plant-based ingredients that make it simple to keep your skin hydrated all day long.

Perhaps the best benefit to gain is the peace of mind you get when know precisely what you are putting on your body. When you read the ingredient list for other types of skincare products, you may not even be able to read a certain item. Vegan skincare items come with ingredients you know and understand.

Great Vegan Items From LaLa Daisy

LaLa Daisy has numerous vegan products available, and you can be confident each one will provide stellar results while being free of any harsh chemicals. One such item is the Surface Trinity Strengthening Shampoo, which is perfect for greasy hair. This shampoo will get rid of excessive grime and dirt while providing your locks with natural proteins.

You can complement this shampoo ideally with the Surface Awaken Therapeutic Conditioner. This product comes packed with vitamins and botanicals to rejuvenate tresses. The vegan ingredients in this conditioner will prevent your hair from breaking and thinning prematurely.

Another item that is vegan, gluten-free and paraben-free is Surface Texture Paste Sculpt Control Hold. This paste provides a firm hold for your locks no matter what type of style you want. It is also great for ensuring your locks are able to prevent humidity from dampening your look.

Surface Texture Paste

Only vegan ingredients are used in the development of Pureology Smooth Perfection Intense Smoothing Cream. This cream is ideal for people with already damaged hair that will leave your locks with a shiny, sleek finish. It is highly recommended if you enjoy heat-treating your hair because it will prevent any further damage and protect your hair coloring.

You should only use vegan products when you have colored your hair because natural, vegan ingredients are much better for preserving that color than a bunch of chemicals. With R+CO Gemstone Color Shampoo, you can prolong the longevity of your hair’s coloring.

R+co gemstone color shampoo

You will certainly feel like you have just won the jackpot when you apply R+CO Jackpot Styling Creme to your locks. It is ideal when you want to give your locks a blowout and offers high-quality UV protection.

Reasons To Use Eco-Friendly Products

Although vegan beauty products and eco-friendly items often go hand-in-hand, you should make sure the products you buy are safe for the environment and come in eco-friendly packaging. Everyone needs to do their part to keep the planet healthy and vibrant.

One benefit you should be aware of is that eco-friendly skincare products often cost the same if not less than regular items. There are misconceptions that still persist that purchasing products good for the planet will somehow cost way more. Rest easy knowing you can be an eco-conscious consumer without spending an arm and a leg.

It is not good for the planet if you send a bunch of chemicals down the drain, so most eco-friendly products contain completely organic ingredients. This means these items will not contain any alcohol, which is generally found in many skincare products. However, over time, alcohol dries up your skin.

Additionally, when you make sure you buy eco-friendly items, you can be certain it comes in biodegradable packaging. You can typically recycle this material, so you help the planet in more ways than one. You can even check to see if the brand you buy from already uses soy ink and other materials that ensure a safer, more sustainable manufacturing process.

One final great benefit is that you can avoid conflicting interests when you buy eco-friendly. You know the product was not tested on animals, so you can practice excellent ethics and feel better about yourself as a person.

Great Eco-Friendly Products From LaLa Daisy

There are numerous eco-friendly beauty items in LaLa Daisy’s catalog, including L’Occitane Bonne Mere Lavender Soap. This is an excellent soap for people with dry skin. It is manufactured with environmentally-friendly palm oil certified by RSPO, and it will leave you with a fresh, vibrant aroma.

People with curly hair should absolutely use EVO Mane Tamer Smoothing Conditioner. This product is filled with natural moisturizers to tame wild tresses. It also does not contain any potentially harmful additives, such as sulfates, parabens and propylene glycol.

Evo Mane Tamer

The EVO brand has many products that are dedicated to combating frizzy, dry locks. That includes EVO Light Beige Colour Intensifying Conditioner, which gives you an anti-static effect in your locks. You can use this conditioner with confidence knowing it does not contain TEA and DEA.

Enjoy a Rich Array of Products That Match Your Ethos

There is certainly no shortage of vegan and eco-friendly products you can use on your skin and hair. Even if you do not maintain a vegan diet in your day-to-day life, you should still consider vegan products.

They are much better for your skin, and when you want the most vibrant skin possible, you only want to use the best. You do not want to use products filled with chemicals that will do more harm in the long run.

If more people begin using these types of products, then more companies will begin to follow suit. It may not be long until the only products on the shelves are ones that avoid testing on animals and avoid using potentially harmful ingredients. LaLa Daisy is proud to offer a wide selection of these kinds of products, so order new shampoo, conditioner and skincare items today.

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