What to Look for in a Winter Moisturizer

What to Look for in a Winter Moisturizer

Your face is probably the most exposed part of your body, no matter the weather. At the same time, though, it also has some of the most sensitive and easy to damage skin on your body, which makes taking care of it essential. You probably realize that already if you have any kind of regular moisturizer program, but you might not realize that the best choice for your face changes from season to season, based on the temperature and the weather conditions you are likely to encounter. Here’s what you need to know to find your best face moisturizer this winter.

Cold and Wind

 If you are buying for winter, your first concerns are going to be the cold and the wind. That means that you will need skin care products that lock in moisture and that last longer between applications. Transitioning to creams and letting lotions and gels wait for warmer weather is the best way to do this, and heavier creams often take longer to absorb, which also helps them last longer during the cold weather.


 It might seem like it’s safe to stop worrying about the sun once the weather turns cold, but the fact is that sun damage in the winter is real. Snow is highly reflective, and if you enjoy a lot of outdoor activities on cold sunny days, burning is a real concern. If your best face moisturizer for winter doesn’t have SPF 15 or higher protection at a minimum, you will want to find a product to go with it. That way, you will have complete protection.

Lower Humidity

 Even indoors, cold weather generally brings lower humidity in the air, which can make your skin dry out more easily. For that reason, it is always a good idea to look into extra strong moisturizers, and it is also important to remember to apply them generously and often. Even if you’re on a regular skin care regimen, you might need to adjust things to keep up when the weather changes.

Lala Daisy Recommendations

If you are hunting for your best face moisturizer for winter, here are our top recommendations for the season. 

  • Skincando Miracle Moisturizer Cream: This all natural cream uses ingredients like beeswax, coconut oil, and green tea to put together a powerful, all day formula with the weight you need in a winter moisturizing cream.
  • Glotherapeutics Conditioning Hydration Cream: Built to fortify and strengthen dry skin, this cream is ideal if you are looking to condition your skin for the long term, and it is loaded with antioxidants to help your skin achieve a youthful glow.
  • Embryolisse Bb Cream Spf20: Not only is this cream from Embryolisse the top choice for an SPF enriched winter weight moisturizer, it also has tone neutralizing effects, making it an ideal choice for its anti-aging properties as well.

These choices represent some of the top selling products that meet both the recommendations for the best face moisturizer choices for winter, but they are far from the only winter moisturizer choices on the Lala Daisy site. Check out the rest of the selection for more choices.

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