5 Tips on How to Get That Perfect Cat Eye

5 Tips on How to Get That Perfect Cat Eye

From A-list celebrities to online influencers, stars of the fashion scene are rocking the bold and sexy cat eye. Here are a few tips and tricks you can use to achieve the perfect cat eye look look with minimum fuss.

  1. Choosing The Best Eyeliner for Cat Eyes

Take one look down the makeup aisle, and you’ll see dozens of different eyeliner options claiming to break the mold with their unique compositions. Underneath all that razzle-dazzle, eyeliners generally come in three distinct types, which are:  

  • Liquid, which is longer-lasting and comes with a brush or spongy “pen” tip
  • Pencil, which is easier to clean up, but usually doesn’t create as sharp a line as gel or liquid
  • Gel, which usually comes in a small pot and requires an angled brush to apply

There is not best best eyeliner for cat eye, each formula has its own strengths and characteristics that may influence your technique.

Want a thick line in only a few layers? Gel is a great choice.

Want to sketch an outline to fill in later with a heavier formula? Use a pencil like this Jane Iredale Eye Pencil in Basic Black to experiment until you’ve got the perfect flick.

Jane Iredale Eye Pencil

Want a glossier finished look? Liquid keeps a slight shine once it’s dried.

Which eyeliner type you use depends on personal preference and desired effect. Don’t feel limited to only one type, either—you can mix and match liners to achieve a better overall effect.

  1. Prime It

Before you start drawing, use primer like Put a Lid on It Eye Primer by theBalm to create a base. This will help your liner last longer while providing you with a blank canvas on which to work.

TheBalm Eyelid primer

  1. Keep Your Hand Stable

Shaky hand sabotaging your swoop? You can avoid wiggly lines by creating a steady base for your arm.

First, rest your elbow on a flat surface like a table or counter. If you don’t have a surface handy, you can hold your elbow with your other hand to create stability.

The next trick is to rest your pinky against your cheek as you go in with the liner. This might initially take some getting used to, but the support it lends you hand can help control the fine movements needed when working so close to your eye.

  1. Don’t Wing It

There’s no shame in needing a template. Makeup lovers across the globe have their own favorite tricks to accomplish the perfect cat eye—just try a few until you find one that works.

Former YouTuber and Ipsy creator Michelle Phan recommends saving business cards to use as a straight edge for your flick. This technique is cost-effective and time-saving, since you can achieve a clean line in one go.

Cyndle Komarovski, a professional makeup artist, determines the corner of the cat eye first by making a dot where she wants the flick to end. Then she draws a line down to the lash line before filling in the classic swoop.

Beauty influencer and current YouTuber Safiya Nygaard is famous for both her iconic black cat eyeliner and her homemade Franken-makeup creations. She uses concealer to draw a guide for her flick before going in with liquid liner.

  1. Expect Some Cleanup

If you’re a little messy, don’t worry. You can draw a thicker line, then go back and clean up the edges using a Q-tip.

If you have trouble removing the eyeliner, you can try dipping the Q-tip in the following:

  • Makeup remover
  • Clear lip gloss
  • Petroleum jelly

Remember that a little goes a long way. Too much of any of these materials may smudge your liner past repair.

Whatever your preferred cat eye method, you can find the right product for your style at LaLa Daisy. Visit online to peruse a wide selection of brands perfect for trying out the latest makeup trends.

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