Sleeping With Your Makeup On? 7 Good Reasons To Remove It First

Sleeping With Your Makeup On? 7 Good Reasons To Remove It First

If you have ever worn makeup, you have probably been guilty of crashing into bed at the end of the night and waiting to use your makeup remover products until morning. You wake up with raccoon eyes, most likely, and a general gritty feeling on your face.

Is it possible that leaving your makeup on overnight is doing much more than making your face feel a little dirty? While it is perfectly fine to wear makeup each day, failing to remove it before you go to bed could be doing more damage than you realize. We love Glo Skin Beauty Gentle Makeup Remover for a gentle way to remove your makeup.

Glo Skin Beauty Makeup Remover

There are a few different ways to remove your makeup, but the most important thing is to simply remember to do it. Consider these seven reasons to always clean your face before bed.

  1. A Clean Face Lets Your Skin Recover

The air is filled with free radicals, which are uncharged molecules that also tend to cling to your makeup. This tends to break down collagen, which is what makes your skin so elastic and young-looking.

By removing your makeup properly, your skin can breathe again and get rid of those free radicals. This may help prevent premature fine lines and wrinkles.

  1. A Quick Wash Helps Prevent Acne

You have probably felt your pores close up as you apply your foundation and other layers of makeup. This is because these chemicals literally cover up your pores, making it harder for your skin to breathe and trapping bacteria.

The buildup of bacteria could lead to the development of acne, even in a single night. If you already struggle with acne, it is a good idea to wash your face and clear your pores before bed.

  1. Removal of Lipstick Lets Your Lips Remoisturize

Similar to foundation, lipstick covers your lips entirely and blocks out helpful moisture. Leaving your lipstick on all night eventually leads to drier lips.

If you are looking to keep your lips looking plumper for longer, wash that lipstick off first. Before bed, it can also help to apply a little moisturizing lip balm, like L’Occitane Shea Butter Ultra Rich Lip Balm.

L'Occitane Lip Balm

  1. Your Skin Moisturizes Better, Too

Makeup does not only attract acne-causing bacteria, but it acts as a barrier to moisturizers as well. This means leaving on a full face of makeup while you sleep can dry out your skin – again, leading to signs of premature aging.

Use quality makeup removers to get every bit of makeup off your skin. Consider applying a nighttime moisturizer to help rehydrate it while you sleep.

  1. Lashes Stay Healthier When You Clean Off the Mascara

Now that you know foundation and lipstick dry out those areas of the face, you should also conclude that mascara does the same thing to your lashes. In fact, constant mascara use without proper cleaning can make your lashes thinner and more prone to breaking.

  1. The Risk of Eye Irritation Is Lower

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, one lady experienced eye irritation due to excessive mascara wearing and improper removal. The buildup was so bad, she felt like something was always in her eye, and she could have eventually gone blind.

The risk of eye irritation is high if you leave your mascara on when you sleep. To lower the likelihood of irritation, be sure to clean your lashes along with the rest of your face.

  1. Your Skin Stays Younger Looking for Longer

Most people who wear makeup are striving to maintain a youthful glow as long as possible. The thing is, constant use of makeup and a failure to properly cleanse the face at night could be doing just the opposite.

It cannot be overstated that makeup tends to dry out the skin and forms a wall that keeps out helpful moisturizers. One of the best ways to prevent wrinkles and early signs of aging is to clean your face properly every night.

Every Makeup Routine Should Include a Thorough Washing

You probably have a dedicated routine and process to putting on your makeup every morning. For your skin’s sake, you should be just as dedicated to your bedtime washing.

At LaLa Daisy, we carry a wide range of facial cleansers and makeup removal products to suit all skin types. Remember to also invest in quality moisturizers to keep your skin as healthy as possible. Make makeup removal an essential part of your daily routine today.

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