Eye Shadow 101

Eye Shadow 101

Eye shadow has been at the heart of makeup forever. It comes in a multitude of texture and colors and pairs with a wide selection of tools and methods. Here are the eyeshadow need-to-knows along with tips for beginner eye shadow application. Even if you think you do not know how to apply eye shadow, you’ll be an eye shadow pro in no time.

Gather Your Tools

Are you familiar with the French cooking term mise en place? It is the technique of organizing and preparing prior to actually cooking and is a good idea to apply to makeup application, too. Before you begin, set up in front of a mirror by gathering all of your cosmetics and makeup tools together.

If you want your eyes to look their best, you need to have several different brushes. First, you need a good high-quality all-purpose tool like the Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow Brush for applying your shades. Complementing that is the Bobbi Brown Eye Blender Brush, which helps to merge colors together so their demarcation lines become nonexistent.

Bobbi Brown

Another must-have tool is an eye defining brush, whose stiff bristles can be used for the brows or to line the eyes. A good choice due to its excellent texture is the Bobbi Brown Eye Definer Brush. Be sure to take advantage of the LaLa Daisy holiday pre-sale to treat yourself to whatever brushes are missing from your inventory.

Prep With Primer

Just like walls need primer before the paint gets applied, your eyelids need primer, too. Before you start playing around with color, spread a thin layer of Smashbox Photo Finish 24 Hour Shadow Primer to your lids. This vegan formula helps prevent creasing and smudging while feeling luxurious on your skin.


Create With Color

Now that you’re all ready to go, it is time to create your color. If you are a beginner eye shadow practitioner, you may want to spend some time practicing different looks so you soon have a menu of choices ready no matter what the occasion.

Begin with your all-purpose brush and swipe a shadow such as Jane Iredale Smooth Affair for Eyes Canvas, a neutral shade that works for any skin tone. This all-natural, mineral-based wonder gives a coppery foundation that flatters and pairs with your layering colors.

Then, apply a lighter hue above your lids and up to the brow bone, which helps to brighten the eyes and open up the area. The Becca Ombre Nudes Eye Palette contains the perfect tone to make your eyes seem larger while blending in with your skin. Be sure to use a blender brush to create a seamless boundary between the two shadows.

Enhance With Extras

Next, use a third shade in your crease to add some depth to your eyes. Contouring is easy with a stick like the Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow Stick in Golden Pink, which provides the pigment you need to brighten without making the eyes appear smaller.

Then, add some more color at the outer corner of your eye using a definer brush. Start lightly, and apply more coats if you prefer a more dramatic look. In addition to the colors from the Becca palette, you should try Bobbi Brown Shimmer Wash Eyeshadow in Petal to give yourself some subtle glamour.

Remember, practice makes perfect when learning how to apply eye shadow. When you have a little time on your hands, experiment with different color combinations as well as layering and blending color techniques.

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