Make Your Hair Extensions Last Longer and Look Beautiful

Make Your Hair Extensions Last Longer and Look Beautiful

If you want the look of long, luscious locks and your hair doesn’t cooperate, hair extensions may be the right way to get the styles you want. You’ll need to focus on proper hair care to make your extensions look naturally beautiful.

There are many different extension products that range in price, but proper aftercare is one of the most important things to focus on, no matter what your budget is. Here are tips to help your extensions look gorgeous and last as long as possible.

Prepare Your Hair

Before putting extensions in, you must prepare your hair. Wash your hair with clarifying shampoo, such as Paul Mitchell Clarifying Shampoo. Then, blow it dry and avoid any styling products.

Paul Mitchell

Once your hair is ready, it’s time to choose the type and style of hair extensions. You can choose a temporary clip-in product, a semi-permanent extension or a permanent style. All three styles have different benefits and breakdowns, depending on the look you’re trying to achieve.

Temporary Extensions

If you’re not ready to commit to months of wearing extensions, start with a temporary clip-in. There are plenty of clip-in products that look natural and can be matched to your current hair color.

Temporary extensions don’t have to be professionally placed. You can easily clip them in for a special event, like a wedding or formal dance to give your hair instant length. Take them out when your event is over and go back to your regular look.

Semi-Permanent Extensions

Another way to get extensions is to choose the semi-permanent style. Semi-permanent styles require a little bit more commitment because they last about six to eight weeks.

If you choose the semi-permanent option for extensions, you’ll need to spend a little more time getting them in. Tape-in pieces are popular for semi-permanent hair extensions.

Permanent Extensions

If you’re ready for something longer-lasting, you may want to get permanent hair extensions. Permanent extensions don’t last forever, but they can be worn for months at a time.

You’ll need a professional’s help to get permanent extensions. They can be sewn in, bonded to your hair strands or placed through micro rings.

Wash Your Extensions

Whichever type of extension you choose, it’s essential to understand the basics of caring for hair extensions. It’s important to wash your extensions, even the temporary ones. Clip-ins can be washed every few days, and if you have hair extensions in your hair, aim for a similar schedule.

Choose the Right Products

Washing your extensions requires the right type of products that won’t damage them. Start with warm water instead of hot or cold. Pick a shampoo and conditioner that is sulfate-free, such as Purelogy Hydrate.  


Let Them Air Dry

After washing your extensions, you want to treat them gently while they dry. Be careful with using a hair dryer, as this could make your extensions dry out too much.

Instead, let them air dry overnight. Temporary extensions can air dry on a flat surface for best results. For permanent extensions, you can blow dry your hair using a low-heat setting to prevent them from being damaged.

Brush Your Extensions Regularly

For beautiful, natural-looking extensions, you should also brush them regularly. Consider getting a special brush to use specifically for your hair extensions.

Clip-in extensions can be brushed every day. Additionally, extensions in your hair can also be brushed every day to avoid knots.

Deal With Tangles Quickly

If you don’t routinely brush your temporary extensions or your permanent extensions, your hair could develop knots and tangles. Stop sleeping with your hair down to keep new tangles at bay.

Make sure you use a wide tooth comb if you’re brushing your extensions or hair when wet. Conditioner is also essential for hair extensions to keep tangles from forming. Rinsing hair extensions with cold water after washing and conditioning can help prevent knots and tangles.

Prevent Too Much Shedding

Another problem that some people report with extensions is too much shedding. Temporary or permanent extensions may shed individual hairs, leaving your look with less volume.

Before placing any extensions, you can prevent excessive shedding by simply choosing a high-quality extension product. It’s best to go with hair extensions that are made from 100% human hair instead of synthetic varieties. Additionally, use products that are gentle and keep up with your brushing to keep your extensions looking full and fabulous.

Watch Out for Hot Styling Tools

Another tip to keep your extensions looking healthy and shiny is to ease up on the hot styling tools. Curling irons, flat irons, hot curlers and other styling tools should be used with care.

It’s not necessary to completely avoid hot styling tools with extensions. Instead, turn the heat setting down to low to keep your extensions from getting cooked.

Choose Extension-Friendly Hairstyles

You can create gorgeous hairstyle looks with the right extensions. Be careful with certain hairstyles that could damage your extensions.

Avoid hairstyles that require aggressive pulling if you have semi-permanent or permanent extensions. Stick with a variety of styles to give your hair some breathing room no matter what kind of extension product you wear.

Consider Some Color

It’s even possible to safely color your extensions if you follow some guidelines. Clip-in extensions can be colored with semi-permanent dye at home. For sewn-in extensions, you should get a professional to help you choose the right color and hair product that won’t damage your hair and extensions.  

Stay Away From the Bleach

Bleach is not a good idea if you have extensions. Lightening your hair is a little trickier and can lead to more damage, tangles and extensions that don’t last as long.

If you are determined to lighten your extensions, partner with an experienced stylist who knows the ins and out of extensions. That way, you can avoid common problems with excessive shedding and hair extensions coming out with too many harsh chemicals.

Take Them Out Safely

Semi-permanent and permanent extensions aren’t designed to be worn for longer than the recommended time frames. Wearing hair extensions for longer than four months is not a good idea. Additionally, if your hair grows exceptionally fast, you may need to take them out sooner after two inches of new growth.

You can damage your existing hair if you try to take semi-permanent or permanent extensions out without a professional’s help. After getting your extensions out, it’s important to take good care of your hair and give it some time before getting a new set put back in.

Nurture Your Scalp Before Replacing Them

In the time between wearing extensions, you should take an extra effort to nurture your scalp and hair. Some people experience a little bit of hair damage if they wear extensions for too long, so you may want to go for some hair growth products to help reverse any damage.

It may be smart to get a trim of your ends after removing your extensions to keep your locks healthy. Focus on resting your hair and using gentle products to clean and deep condition to get ready for a new set of extensions.

You can achieve the look of your dreams with beautiful hair extensions that look healthy and feel great. Before and after your extensions, be sure to check out a soothing hair kit from LaLa Daisy.  Then, follow these best practices to keep your hair investment lasting much longer and your hair looking much better.

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