The Most Worth-It Makeup Essentials That Are Usually Overlooked

The Most Worth-It Makeup Essentials That Are Usually Overlooked

Your beauty arsenal needs to have the most useful makeup essentials to keep your face fresh and beautiful. Some makeup products are consistently beneficial to your look and versatile enough to be used almost every day.

When you’re on a limited budget, you want to make sure you buy only the top products that are timeless and long-lasting. Don’t overlook the most worth-it essential products that should be in your makeup toolkit. Here are the must-haves everyone should have in their bag.


A great face starts with effective protection against the sun. Even before you put on your makeup, make sure you apply plenty of sunscreen every single day.

Talk to your dermatologist to determine which SPF is right for you and get some product recommendations. Your face could suffer from premature aging and sun damage if you don’t adhere to current sun protection recommendations. Getting into the habit of regularly applying sunscreen can give you the perfect canvas for your cosmetics.


Another product that is sometimes overlooked as one of the top makeup must-haves is moisturizer. After cleansing your skin, apply a quality moisturizer to give your skin much-needed moisture.

A quality moisturizer, such as PCA Skin Rebalance, will give your skin a supple, younger look. When you put on your makeup, you’ll see better results. It will also help your products look lighter and more natural on your skin.



After applying moisturizer, many people skip an essential step in the process, using primer. Makeup primer should be applied to your face before you put any foundation or concealer on.

Primers can help brighten your skin and make it look smoother. They also make your cosmetics last longer throughout those busy days and give you more value from the rest of the products in your arsenal.


Concealer is another product that some have opted out of thinking it’s not a necessary tool. You may have stopped using concealer after those teenage years of acne, thinking skin that is mostly clear doesn’t benefit from it.

Concealer is a great product that has more versatility than most people think. You can use this miracle product to eliminate dark circles under eyes, erase blemishes and address those slight skin imperfections.

High-Quality Brushes

The tools you use for makeup application matter much more than you think. Investing in a set of high-quality brushes can transform the way you apply your products. Great brushes can also change the way your makeup looks on you and give you eyes that pop and skin that glows.

Precision Tweezers

Another tool that is sometimes ignored is the all-important tweezer. Choose a set of precision tweezers that you can keep in your toolkit for years instead of opting for the cheap drugstore variety.  

Foundation That Matches Your Skin

Another product that doesn’t get as much attention is foundation. Before using foundation, make sure you take time to find a product that matches your skin shade exactly.

Adapt your foundation shade for the season, which may be darker in the summer. Then, choose a product that fits your skin type and coverage preference.

Applicator for Foundation

If you really want to change your life and your makeup look, invest in a foundation sponge applicator instead of using your fingers. A sponge is the perfect way to evenly apply your foundation all over your skin.

Sponges allow you to customize your coverage level and avoid applying it too heavy. Sponges can also get into harder to reach spots, such as around the nose and under the eyes.

Effective Eyelash Curler

Your eyes contribute to your overall beauty look. One of the top tools in most makeup kits is a cheap eyelash curler.

It may be better to replace your flimsy eyelash curler with something a little sturdier and more effective. A high-quality curler helps open up your eyes and gives you a more youthful appearance.


After applying primer, foundation and concealer, next, consider upping your contouring with a highlighter. A highlighter can dramatically alter your standard look and give you a new style.

This essential gives you the option of different types of highlighting techniques for new looks. Highlighters help attract the light and give your face more structure and contour. They’re also effective at giving you a glow along your cheeks and little lift all over your face.


Be sure to pick up a good bronzer to pair with your highlighter to makeover your cosmetics tool kit. A little bit of bronzer strategically placed can give your face a much-needed upgrade.

It’s important to not be too heavy handed with the bronzer so you can avoid the sun-drenched look that used to be popular years ago with bronzers. Instead, focus on applying a little bit of bronzer in different parts of the face to give it a brighter appearance and a healthy glow. Rotate your bronzing products and choose different shades to go along with the season.

Nude Eyeshadow Palette

For the perfect eye makeup look, it’s vital to have the basic nude eyeshadow palette in your beauty arsenal. A nude eye palette should contain a variety of natural-looking shades in various browns and golds.

Nude eyeshadow palettes look great for all skin types and all eye colors. They are also offered at many different price points, from inexpensive drug store products to high-priced boutique brands.

Brow Kit

Brows are often overlooked by so-called beauty experts for some reason. Getting your brows waxed or shaped shouldn’t be the only part of your beauty routine.

Invest in a good brow kit, such as Billion Dollar Brows Best Seller Kit, to get brows that wow. You’ll notice a big difference in your face when you start to give this ignored part some attention.

Lengthening Mascara

Most women also have several different types of mascaras in their cosmetics bags. Instead of a bunch of average products, choose one lash-lengthening product that really makes your eyes look glam, such as Glo Skin Beauty Lash Lengthening Mascara.  

Glo Skin Beauty

Moisturizing Lip Cream

Your lips need to be primed and prepped before applying any lip products as well. The same sun that damages your face can also do harm to your lips.

Treat dry, chapped lips with moisturizing lip cream. Choose a product that has SPF in it to get even more benefits and protect this fragile skin.

Lip Gloss

Then, pick a versatile lip gloss shade that can be worn alone or over any type of lipstick. Sheer gloss, nude tones or a clear lip gloss may be best for all situations, skin types and skin tones.

Avoid choosing a color that is too far away from your skin tone, especially if you have fine lines around your mouth. Dramatic lip gloss colors may draw more attention to wrinkles around your mouth.

Red Lipstick

Besides a basic lip gloss, another product every woman should own is a good, rich red lipstick. There are many different shades of red, so you have to carefully choose the right red that matches your skin tone.

If you have a warm skin tone, go with warmer reds that are closer to orange. For cooler skin tones, true reds make the best impact on your look.

Powder Compact

Most people focus on the essential makeup products that put their look together and forget about the finishing touches. Final finishing touches, such as powder, can make your makeup last much longer and look better.

That’s why everyone also needs a great powder compact in their beauty routine. Compacts can also be taken with you to apply any additional powder throughout the day. Keep your compact in your purse to deal with sudden shininess or oily spots.

Setting Spray

Before you’re ready to go out on the town or off to work, there’s one final essential product that many have overlooked, setting spray. Setting spray requires a simple spritz all over your face and gives fantastic results.

With the right setting spray, you can avoid mishaps such as smudges, smears or creases in your eyes and foundation looks. Setting spray also helps your makeup last throughout the day and night, even in heat and high humidity. Some sprays also give you a little extra moisturizing help.

Investing in makeup doesn’t have to be a lesson in outdated trends and unflattering colors. Stick with these essentials and basics and build from there. Start your journey to updating your makeup supply by checking out what LaLa Daisy has to offer and build a better beauty arsenal today.

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