Making Your Own BB Cream

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You don’t have to purchase an expensive BB cream. By mixing your foundation and your favorite moisturizer you will have created your very own BB cream. Don’t forget to tone, protect and finish. Here’s how to make your own BB cream.

Why We Love BB Creams

BB creams are great. They moisturize and hydrate while also providing the coverage you crave to even out your face as part of your regular makeup routine, leaving you with dewy-looking skin.

Many women prefer a BB cream to foundation because it gives a lighter, more natural finish. When you make your own, you can customize it based upon the condition of your skin at the time.

How To Make Your Own BB Cream

To concoct your own personalized BB cream, you need just a few products that you might already own. First, prep your skin by carefully cleansing and toning. A favorite toner is Jane Iredale BeautyPrep Face Toner, which is made from healthy, wholesome ingredients like coconut water, apple, lemon, pear and carrot.

Jane Iredale BeautyPrep Face Toner

Then, grab your moisturizer and foundation. A cream formula moisturizer that contains SPF is a good choice because it works double duty to safeguard your skin from UVA and UVB rays. Those with sensitive skin or who prefer natural makeup are going to love Jane Iredale BeautyPrep Face Moisturizer due to its mineral-based properties. And pick a high-quality foundation like Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation in Beige that is lightweight with pore minimizing effects.

Starting with equal proportions, take a dollop of moisturizer and a dollop of foundation and mix them together with a spoon or stirrer until thoroughly blended. Apply to your face just as you would foundation, with a luxurious brush such as the Bobbi Brown Foundation Brush.

Bobbi Brown Foundation Brush

Finally, use a setting powder like Becca Hydra-Mist Set and Refresh Powder on top of your homemade BB cream to give your face a flawless look. This helps perfect your finish and gives a great appearance in selfies or other photos.

One great advantage to making your own BB cream each time you apply makeup is that you can vary the ratio of moisturizer to foundation based upon what you need. So, if your skin is very dry, you can go heavier on the moisturizer, whereas if you require coverage for blemishes, you can add more foundation.

Plus, it can be tailored as your skin changes. In the winter when your skin craves moisture, you can use a heavier moisturizing cream, and in the summer if you tend towards the oily side, you can switch to something that is lightweight.

What To Give Your Honey

While you’re at it, get your guy to moisturize his face, too. After all, when you take selfies together, you want his skin to match yours in terms of dewiness and radiance. A great choice for men is L’Occitane Cade Complete Care Moisturizer, which is suitable for all skin types and nourishes and hydrates his face.

L’Occitane Cade Complete Care Moisturizer

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