Our Must-Have Anti-Aging Skin Care Products

Our Must-Have Anti-Aging Skin Care Products

If you’re anything like us, you have a regularly rotating arsenal of products in your bathroom cabinets. You like buying new products with the latest beauty innovations, although some of them end up being flops. In that case, you’ve probably got a lot of half-used bottles laying around, too.

But what about the keepers? The tried-and-true workhorses? The products that you know you can reach for again and again, and they will always do what they promise?

When it comes to anti-aging skin care products, this is quite a feat. They are out there, though.

Here are the ones we have deemed as must-haves for anti-aging. These true-blue, dependable sidekicks that will never let you down. They’ll just leave you with soft, glowing skin.

Good Skin Care Products to Keep Stashed in Your Bathroom for Anti-Aging

Exfoliating Masks and Peels

If there’s one specific enemy of aging skin, it’s that tell-tale dullness.  It happens because skin gradually loses its ability to shed as quickly as it did in your youth. This equals flakiness, dullness, and a tired look.

Revive skin and reveal new skin cells when you use an exfoliating mask or peel. These good skin care products contain fruit enzymes and lactic acid, which gently dissolve and whisk away dead skin cells, letting new ones come to the surface. The result is a fresh, bright complexion.

Two great options are the Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask, which uses pumpkin enzymes and microcrystals to polish skin and break up dead skin cells, or the IMAGE Skincare Vital C Hydrating Enzyme Masque, which not only exfoliates but also nourishes skin with vitamins C and E.

A Moisturizer or Night Cream Loaded with Good Ingredients

For anti-aging, you can’t beat a rich moisturizer to conquer dry skin. When skin is dry, it loses its ability to bounce back from stress and irritation. In stark contrast, moist skin is plump, firm, and less prone to inflammation.

A good anti-aging cream with staying power provides adequate moisture without oiliness and has calming, soothing ingredients. Revaleskin’s Night Cream delivers needed moisture to the skin along with powerful antioxidants from a botanical complex to banish fine lines. Another great option, Skincando’s Miracle Cream, is a miracle in a jar for dry skin. It has soothing lavender oil, deeply nourishing coconut oil, and other natural ingredients that hydrate and plump up the skin.


Other anti-aging products are going to be useless if you don’t protect your skin from the sun’s damaging UVA and UVB rays. That’s why sunscreen is a must-have product in our arsenal for anti-aging.

Colorescience Daily UV Protector is a great facial sunscreen that does more than just protect. It also guards your face against free radical damage, covers skin imperfections, and stays water-resistant for 40 minutes. The light, whipped texture goes on smooth, too.

For another sunscreen that does multiple jobs in one bottle, COOLA SPF 30 Cucumber Face Moisturizing Sunscreen gives sun protection plus a dose of cool moisture. Not only is it a mineral sunscreen, it also has organically-sourced ingredients that reduce inflammation.

Skin Serums with Antioxidants

For a potent punch of antioxidants and other beneficial ingredients, we love skin serums. These little bottles provide a huge amount of anti-aging power. Layer a serum underneath a moisturizer before you go to sleep to wake up to a dewy, refreshed face.

Two excellent options are REN Skincare Anti-Redness Serum, which calms irritation and inflammation, eradicates redness, and strengthens skin’s natural barrier, and glotherapeutics 15% Vitamin C, a concentrated formula that will reduce fine lines, improve skin texture, and protect skin against free radical damage.

For anti-aging, sometimes you need just a few products that perform as promised as opposed to a cabinet full of new skin innovations that don’t pull through. Skin care products that deserve a permanent place on your shelf will make your face look younger without any trial-and-error. To stock up on your new anti-aging go-to products, shop at LaLa Daisy.


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