Using the Perfect Foundation for Oily Skin

Using the Perfect Foundation for Oily Skin image

If you struggle with oily skin, you have to be picky about the products you choose. Finding the right foundation for oily skin can be tough, since some formulas can only exacerbate the condition. Fortunately, these tips can help you find the perfect base for your makeup routine.

Understanding Your Oily Skin Type

What’s behind that extra oily complexion? Understanding the symptoms and causes of this specific skin type can help you pick the right products for more beautiful skin.


Those with oily skin tend to have a consistent shine to their complexion, especially in the T-zone, which extends across the forehead and down the nose and chin due to a higher concentration of oil glands. They may also experience larger pore sizes and are more susceptible to acne and breakouts.


Many factors can lead to oily skin, from genetics, hormonal imbalances and age to diet and skincare routines. Lifestyle and routine changes when using the appropriate products can have a positive impact on your complexion.

Choosing the Right Foundation for Oily Skin

With thousands of foundations and makeup bases to choose from, where should you begin? You can narrow down your options by looking for products that feature specific ingredients and formulas to help your oily skin look its best.

bareMinerals Matte Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Medium Beige 12 0.21 oz

Go for a Matte Look

Tinted moisturizers and cream foundations can work well for some skin types, but aren’t always ideal for oily skin since they can give you a greasy appearance. Look for a foundation that’s powder based, such as bareMinerals Matte Foundation. The lightweight formula can help you achieve that matte look, which is a great option for an oilier complexion.

Look for Hypoallergenic and Oil-Free Ingredients

Glo Skin Beauty Line Loose Base

While you might not think your oily skin falls into the sensitive category, the truth is this skin type really is more susceptible to irritation from certain ingredients. Oil-free is an obvious requirement but hypoallergenic, natural ingredients also tend to work better for those with oily skin. Try products from the Glo Skin Beauty Line, including the Loose Base; they’re all made without dyes, fragrances and parabens, which can irritate your skin.

Try Noncomedogenic Products

Makeup products that can settle into and clog your pores can make oily skin and breakouts even worse. Noncomedogenic products are specifically designed to keep your pores cleaner, resulting in clearer skin. Search for foundations that have these types of ingredients for better oil control.

bareMinerals Matte Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Fairly Light 03 0.21 oz

Search for Multitasking Options

Slathering on layer after layer of makeup products can send your skin’s oil production into overdrive. Try a multitasking foundation that can replace multiple products with a single one to allow your skin to breathe while still looking fabulous. As always, make sure you choose a product that includes SPF, like bareMinerals Matte Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15, for extra protection against sun damage.

Prepping Your Oily Skin for Foundation Application

Once you’ve found a good foundation for oily skin, you need to make sure your skin is cleaned and prepped for application. Follow these steps for a flawless finish that lasts without ramping up unnecessary oil production.

Start With a Good Cleanser

Wash away that excess dirt and oil by using a high-quality cleanser. You may need to test different options to find the right fit for your skin but every makeup routine should begin with a thorough cleansing.

Apply a Clarifying Toner

While toner is a great option for every skin type, those that are designed to help control excess oil production are a must for those with oily skin. Swipe over your face and neck with a cotton swab, giving extra attention to that troublesome T-zone.

Use a Lightweight Moisturizer

Even oilier skin needs a good moisturizer to help control sebum production and prevent wrinkles. Try a lightweight option that absorbs easily to keep your sensitive skin hydrated and well balanced.

Smooth on Some Quality Makeup Primer

Makeup tends to slide off of those with this skin type, so try a primer to help keep everything in place for the entire day. Search for matte formulas to help you achieve a luscious look with less unwanted shine.

Caring for Your Oily Skin With LaLa Daisy

With the right techniques and products, your oily skin can still be flawless and fabulous. Check out LaLa Daisy’s complete guide for oily skin to learn how to properly care for this unique skin type from start to finish. Also, the WebMD article on how to make makeup last longer on oily skin has some good tips. You can also shop our website for luxurious and affordable products specifically designed for your needs.